Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 28: I may not be able to play Temple Run...but I can live it!


So this week started with a journey to Angkor Watt and the surrounding temples and ruins and let me tell you, they call it a wonder of the world for a reason. It seriously was like a movie crawling and climbing around in ancient ruins in the middle of the Cambodian jungle. There really just isn't anything else like it in this world. I'm so grateful for the area I'm in and the blessings I've received since coming up to Siem Riep.

But okay for this week's experiences, before I say anything else, let's just say, riding my bike at night under the light of lightning on my right side and a million stars on my left side is quite the experience. I love coming home after a night lesson and experiencing that. It's weird seeing 4 or 5 different lightning storms all going on at once, it's also pretty dang cool (: But yeah this week Elder Cannon and Elder Mok had to go up to Phnom Penh for the establishing of stakes here in Cambodia so lots of exchanges and splits with other Elders and branch missionaries. Soooooo busy lately it's hard to even catch my breathe! I go from one appointment to another and bike soooooo far everyday seriously my calves are like steel! :P But all the hard work is paying off for sure! This week I had my first baptism in the area with Bong Ohk who is the coolest Cambodia I've met! He is the most humble and loving and funny guy ever! His smile is killer and seeing that smile as he came out of the baptismal font is something I'll remember forever! He seriously is so prepared and I can't wait for him to get the priesthood, and then more good news we have a whole family getting baptized this next week! They are sort of a miracle in themselves just finding them. I was on an exchange with Elder Caine and we were riding down the road and I saw a dirt path leading into the middle of nowhere. I felt like we needed to go down that path so I told Elder Caine and probably thinking I'm crazy we went. After 5 minutes of seeing no one or any houses he insisted maybe we go back but I'm stubborn and said let's keep going. We find this house in the middle of the country a little ways off and find the most amazing family and they love the Gospel. Now next week I will witness all of them be born of God (: Miracles. Seriously seeing miracles up here in Siem Riep. And we have tons of other people we are teaching too and I just don't know how to express how amazing an experience this is! (: But there is some difficulty going on too. Satan is trying everything in his power to stop us from doing this work. Breaking bikes, sending people our way cursing us out nad chasing us, scary monkeys with teeth as long as my finger, and even sending ghosts our way. Elder Mok and I have been seeing some intense things here in the deep jungle. But that's okay, because for one, I have the Lord on my side and He's all powerful, and two, it's pretty awesome someday I'll tell my kids, "I did so much good work on my mission Satan had ghosts chasing me around" :P It's all good. I'm too happy to care about all of that. I love this work, I love this mission. I love Cambodia. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I love my dear family and Mykhala and all their support and I'm going to keep going strong over here in Cambodia. Always.

Elder Spencer Nhem

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  All is well in Cambodia.  Elder Phnom Penny is working harder than ever.  Have a great week!

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