Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 29: A Week of Tremendous FAITH and TRUST

Every week it blows my mind how the Lord plays a helping hand in this work. This week was just tremendous..
It started pretty normal, Elder Mok and I just kicking trash out here doing work. They have a Khmer saying over here about like budhist death rituals and one life which is similar to the American saying or "YOLO" or "You Only Live Once".... We may or may not use that saying as our motto (; hahahaha! But anyways, sooooooooooooo busy I hardly have time to catch my breath. We leave the house and literally work from morning until dark going every which way and wow is it exhausting! This week we taught tons of lessons, and contacted over 100 people once again! Just trying to share the Gospel as much as we can. This week as we went to teach Bong Lian's family wow they continue to amaze! We went and taught them this week and the kids were asking about questions all over the Book of Mormon and they we just so smart and receptive. They all come to everything and Satan is working hard on them, but their faith is so much stronger. It is an inspiration to teach them and their baptism here in the next couple of weeks will be so sweet. As for faith, I have two other investigators that leave my jaw dropped every time I see them. To begin with, my area is the biggest and farthest from the church. These two investigators cannot walk. One doesn't even have legs but they still make the journey to church without fail. The young man, Khamra, pedals a bike contraption for 2 hours every Sunday to get to church by 9 o' clock. That is a miracle. He comes every week without fail and soaks up everything about the Gospel. I've never seen a faith stronger than his. When him and Kanya get baptized here in the next couple weeks too, man I just can't wait! On Sunday I got to baptize a neak ming and man was that a sweet experience to say the baptismal prayer in Khmer was quite a thriller (: Just everything up here is going so fast and now the transfer is already over. Elder Mok is going to Battambong to be a Zone Leader so now Elder Stanley is coming up to Siem Riep to my companion as the Zone Leader up here. It is all so exciting but now we only have 2 companionships up here so my already busy life just got a lot more busier. But I love it. I don't have time to do anything but serve.. and that my friends, is an amazing blessing. The love I have for the Cambodian people at this point is beyond word description. The only way I can truly show it and express it and undivided attention and work sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. It's hard and tiring don't get me wrong but I honestly have the support of God, so I can't complain. Yeah my area is huge and I ride my bike for hours everyday and it's hot, so what! I'm doing the Lord's work and man do I look nice and fit these days :P Hahah in all seriousness though, this is such a blessing for my life. And not only my life but the lives of my loved ones back home. I know Heavenly Father is watching over them and blessing them as a result of this service and it makes it all the bit more worth it. I'm so extremely grateful to be up here in Siem Riep doing what I can do best. Share the Gospel. And wow am I happy to be doing it! 
From your favorite missionary with much love,
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem
And the snakes and scorpions I saw during service this week.. let's just say prayers are welcome (:

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