Sunday, May 11, 2014


Skype Video of Elder Nhem

Myk and Elder Phnom Penny

Me and My Missionary
Rachel and Phnom Penny got a selfie :)
Thanks so much for that wonderful call, I love you all! Your favorite missionary and loving son:
I LOVE YOU MOM, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You're the best mother in the world and do so much for me which now I'm eternally indebited, thank you so much. I love you
Dad take care of yourself and stay healthy, no matter what it takes. Keep going strong, rely on the Lord and your family for strength, I love you with all my heart
Rach and Liz, stay good. Listen to Mom and Dad, they love you and know what's best. I love you and pray for you always, be good have fun! 
Myk, you're part of this family now, know I love you. Always and forever. Thanks for your love and support, it motivates me and inspires me daily. Even though I'm across the world I feel your love everyday. I love you forever.
The happiest missionary in the world,

Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

Elder Nhem and Elder Mok and their amazing week as missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of LDS in the beautiful country of Cambodia!

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