Monday, May 5, 2014


I know I say every week that it was the craziest week of my life but every week is just crazier and crazier, hopefully it calms down soon or I may be a little scared for the future :P
Okay so this week started off with an exchange, Elder Mok had to go into the city for an interview and medical stuff so I got to go with Elder Caine, who served in my area before I came up to Siem Riep so he knows the area well. We did lots of good work and met with members and investigators and had a jolly good time. Something interesting we did was we went to go find new people to teach and I saw a random dirt road going off into the middle of nowhere and said let's try that one. We met a few people that we interesting and the best was a guy picking mangos. We offered to help and then share a short message and now we are meeting him every Tuesday. But man does he live in the middle of no where. Then that night I had one of the most intense moments of my life. As Elder Caine and I rode our bikes over to one of the villages to teach a lesson and huge monsoon came out of nowhere. The winds were so strong and I was soaked. I felt really uneasy and the lightning was scaring me. I started to pray. I asked Heavenly Father what to do. After I prayed I felt a little better but we kept trekking on. Then I just say to Elder Caine, "if a lightning bolt struck the rode right in front of us, can we go home?" As a joke I ask that and he says sure, literally a second after he answers the biggest loudest brightest lightning bolt I've ever seen before strikes the ground right in front of us about a football field away. Let's just say we both have never rode our bikes that fast ever in our life. When I got home I realized that was a sign from God. He was watching over us and for whatever reason we needed to He sent us home. Seriously was so intense! but hey it's rainy season over here so what else can we expect :P it rains SOOOO hard it is crazy! This week we had lots of opportunities to do service, we helped build two houses over here! Man will I be good at building some crazy cool tree-houses for my kids someday (; haha! Seriously though, Elder Mok and I are going hard over in Siem Riep! We are talking to as many people as we can and found a bunch of new people to teach. We have a couple people so close to baptism and man we are trying to make this area explode. With the 6 elders and 2 sisters up here in Siem Riep I know we are going to accomplish miracles really. The Lord's helping hand is strongly evident right now. We are sitting in lessons with new people and their neighbor comes over and says they want to learn and by the end of the lesson we have 3 new people who are now learning with us. The Lord is helping. We just need to work hard and put forth the effort. But hey, that's all for this week, I am loving life, loving the work, and loving my Savior more than ever.
Have a great one, love you all,

Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

Have a great week everyone.  Guess what? 
 Next Sunday is Mother's Day and we get to skype :)

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