Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 20: Doubt Not, But Be Believing

"Doubt not, but be believing."  Mormon 9:27

All is well in Cambodia.  Elder Phnom Penny's health is much improved.  This is by far my favorite picture home so far.  Look at those little feet.  They have never owned a pair of shoes.  This just reminds us to remember to be grateful for so many things.  Have a great week everyone.

Email Home:
Another amazing week here in Cambodia, and now that April is here, so comes the heat! This week is broke 104 degrees one day and man it's just... yeah I don't remember how it feels to not sweat anymore :P But this week I learned a valuable lesson from the scriptures and the village.. "Doubt not, but be believing"(Mormon 9:27). I need to just not doubt anything ever again I mean seriously the most random unexpected things happen everyday. We have found a huge family to teach and taught some of the daughters and sons this week and they are just everywhere around the village we will be at the front or the far end and find one of them it's crazy! They could have a huge impact on the village and our work so I'm going to be praying and trying super hard. Then we found this one young lady who lives with just her little son and she loves the message of the Gospel. She loves Christ and the concept of having a Savior and Redeemer, and she showed us some amazing faith and even made a trip to church with her son yesterday after just meeting with us shortly one time. She is a miracle. Ever single family we meet is a miracle, every person is a miracle because they are children of Heavenly Father. The more I see people like that, and truly love them the more I find myself getting the job done. The more I see people listen and truly see hope in their eyes as they learn about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. These people over here have struggles, a lot worse and harder than I've ever experienced in my life and they need something more. And that's my motivation. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is something that can bring them a peace and happiness they can't find anywhere else. It doesn't require money or worldy things. Just love and faith and that is what the Cambodian people have to give. They strengthen my faith and my resolve everyday. This work is hard. Some days everything falls through, people ditch us, some are busy, some have huge problems I have no idea what to do to help because of my sheltered life back in America but I do know Heavenly Father can help. He can comfort. He can heal. He can change lives. Save lives. I have a confidence in Christ. In His Atonement. This week we found people I never would have thought. I have personally seen lives change through Christ. One of our investigators in particular sticks out. Lookpu Sojeat. He amazes me everyday. He has overcome his addictions with his faith and love for Christ. He trusts the Lord with everything, with his family and financial struggles and that is what I learned a lot about this week. He hasn't been working and has been having a hard time getting food for his family. And so we told him to pray and give up those things that are addicting to him. I kind of just said it, and this is where the doubt nothing comes in. To be honest he has been so busy this last week we only got to visit once for the whole last week. He has had work and overtime this whole last week. I know the Lord blesses those who have faith in him. And now I know what I need to do now to be more successful. I just need to believe. To have more faith in the Lord and in the Cambodian people. In the village and the people who live there. It's been a humbling week but another amazing one. I hope you all had a great week and hope the next is better!

The happiest missionary in the world, love,

Elder Spencer Nhem

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