Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 19 Good ol' Cambodia

"They shall go forth two by two
 and knock on every.....gate?"

Every week crazier than the next... Seriously! So I started out the week playing basketball the rest of the p-day and I just about died! Trying to play in 90+ weather outside in the most humid place on the planet is not the brightest idea I've ever had. And Elder Davis is going home to play ball in college so I got smoked pretty bad too... But yeah the bike ride home I thought I was going to faint and they have huge drains on the sides of the road here and I accidently hit one and my front tire got stuck and I did a front flip on my handlebars... that was fun :D Then this week was lots of fun, I got to go on exchanges Tuesday-Wednesday with Elder Yorgasen and he is a bit younger in the mission than my trainer so the language was more of a factor for sure! I had to talk a bunch more and I realized I know more than I give myself credit for! We also got tons of contacts this week, like over 60! And we usually get like 15-25 so it was a huge step and now we are teaching a bunch of people as a result of it! (: We went all over out area trying to find new people to teach and get into places we haven't been before! We met this huge family of 12 and 2 of the kids showed up to our English class and now we have an appointment to meet them again! (: I'm excited because the family is awesome and soooo many kids! Oh and this week we had the first monsoon of the year.. seriously I've heard stories you can hear it coming.. YOU CAN! I was riding my bike then I hear a roaring, I feel some sprinkles and I can see dust in the distance moving very rapidly towards me, next thing you know it hits. And when it hits it hits. One second dry. Next second I was freshly showered and dripping. And just so happens when it hit the hardest we were on the roof of a members house doing service (: Hahaha I love when the Lord gives us such "special testimony-building"experiences. But foreal, I'm terrified for rainy season now. Gosh I was so wet and cold! And now it's hotter than ever too! Cambodia has worse weather irony than Washington! But so the work here.. As I've stated in previous emails alcohol and cigarettes are a huge problem here. The people have very severe addictions but what is amazing is the people have so much faith to overcome such addictions. Seriously, Pu Sojeat, one of the lookpu's we are teaching, is doing so well. He says he knows Christ lives and he owes Christ everything. He says he knows he needs to give up everything and get control of his life. He was smoking packs a day and drank all day everyday. Now he is off alcohol and is down to one cigarette a day. His desire is so strong and his faith in Jesus Christ so intense he seriously is getting over many-years built up of addictions in weeks. And it's because he wants to follow Jesus Christ. To be baptized and receive the eternal blessings. As well as his family. And I know he can do it. I know through Christ's atonement we can literally overcome anything. And because of Christ's sacrifice we can be freed from sin and guilt. We can find forgiveness of our wrongs and find a true happiness. One that lasts. One that will last for all eternity. I have felt Heavenly Father's love for me more than ever in my life. But what is more impressive is an a servant of Him I can feel His love for His children which I get the privilege to teach. And the fact I get to witness such is a miracle. God's love is a miracle and I starting to realize just how much that is every single day. The more I serve the Cambodian people the more I feel Christ-like love for all of them. Even when they are difficult and aren't making the best choices I know Heavenly Father loves them still and has his arms open to every single one of His children. It is just like the metaphor that Christ is our shepherd. At some point we all get lost in life. Things get hard and we feel alone and lost. Well I testify that Christ is our shepherd and Savior and that His loving arms are always open to accept us back and to comfort us. To support us through our trials and to someday make it back to our Heavenly Father. I know it. I feel it daily. I live it and I love it. Life is great over here in Cambodia. I hope you all have a great week! 

Much love,
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

 We received a package home this week with lots of beautiful things.  These scriptures cases were just a few of the things.  They were made by sisters in his branch.  

All is well in Cambodia, except Penny has intestinal worms.  YUP!  Still alive when they come out.  How do you like that :(  Could explain the 25 lb weight loss.  He said Sister Moon has just the medicine to fix it.  I sure hope so. 

Have a great week everyone!

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