Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 21 Cambodian New Year Begins

Another week of hard work and rain and heat! 

So this week started out pretty good, everyone one was still home and we had lots of work to do! I got to go on exchanges with Elder Kroch on Tuesday to Wednesday which was very interesting because literally zero English could be used, he is just starting to learn English so I really got to test out my Khmer and my knowledge of our area. We went and taught a lot of our investigators and together we found new people to teach and committed Ming Ni, Kun Thia, and Srei Deeb to baptism! They are doing so well! And just the work is moving along so nicely! Oh and btw I'm pretty sure Khmer's all just cook so amazing! Elder Kroch made me an amazing cha and Elder Sann made me some bomb sticky rice dessert! :P Man I love food... But yeah then we have been having to work a lot harder since everyone is leaving for their provinces and what not for the New Years! And to add to the troubles a pretty good storm hit this week and there is a lot of flooding so you can only imagine a place called Trash Village when it floods... yeah. We had a zone training this week and we are really trying to amp up the stakes and shooting for really high goals so as such we need really high levels of faith. We can do it! We just need to believe, lean on our Savior, and get out there working! Another fun event this week was the opportunity to go to our branch's New Years party and wow did I stuff the curry down my face and got to try out Khmer dancing... oh man that must have been a sight! Hahaha! But yeah so we are just working hard hard hard, it was well over 100 degrees this week so it seems even harder and yeah I know the Lord is backing us up on this. There is just no way I could do it without Him. Without His support and the Spirit to guide us and strengthen us we would just have no idea what to do. I know I would not have enough energy because the heat just drains everything out of me. But I also know as I show more faith and just act, the miracles come. I hope everything is well in America and everyone is jolly and happy! Cambodia is an amazing place and amazing things are happening here! I'm loving life and loving being a missionary,

Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

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