Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Letter Home

This week has been quite a roller coaster but pretty awesome. (he thanked us for all our letters and said they mean so  much to him, please write him if you can).  Yesterday was real nice,  Elder Gardiner and I are the best tag team ever.  Like for real, that guy is one of my best friends for sure!  Yesterday we taught THON and he's Cambodain and not very educated so we teach him very simply but yesterday he told us he really feels the spirit.  It's really amazing because the gospel is so simple when you break it down.  It breaks down to one word.  Life does too.  LOVE. Love drives every human, everyone seeks it and wants it.  Literally it motivates everything to a degree.  Some love money, some love attention, some people just certain things and they dictate their lives after their love.  We need to remember what we love most and thats our Savior, his gospel, and through his gospel, our eternal families.  I thought about it last night and things I love most in life are the gospel, the godhead, my family, Myk, and my fellowmen and serving them.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the world, we forget what we love most and whats most important to us.  Just always try to remember that.  It's a lesson about life I'm really starting to learn since coming out on my mission.  I admit I'm a completely different person now, but soooo much better.

I love you all
Elder Nhem

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