Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So I had the privilege to teach a couple of amazing lessons this week with Elder Gardiner. The first one is TRC, we get real people who volunteer to come in and Gardiner and I decided to share a spiritual experience and as the Spirit entered that little room I could say every word I wanted to in Khmer. The gift of tongues is a real power and be used in faith. Another cool thing that happened is Elder Gardiner and I prepare for every lesson with an hour of companion study. This week we really focused on praying for guidance and listening for an answer. For our investigator bongbroh (it is what we call people around our age) Adam, we've been having trouble getting him to stop drinking, so we looked for scriptures and felt inspired to share one from 1 Nephi, and in the lesson bongbroh actually had been reading in the same spot and pointed out the same 2 scriptures we had prepared to talk about. The Spirit was really strong after reading them and sharing our testimonies on obedience and following God's commandments that bongbroh accepted the Lord's commandment and has stopped drinking. Man it was hard, he threw every little excuse he could think of, but I'm just grateful he has stopped so we can have this baptism in 2 weeks. Also lookpuu (age of an uncle) Robert is finally progressing. Elder Gardiner and I were struggling to find what to teach him. It's been awhile since we taught him so we needed some divine help. We turned to the Lord and asked for some inspiration from heaven (: A thought popped into my head... missions? Then I remembered that he has a daughter on a mission and that he wants to know why she is there and what reason could make her possibly want to do that. So we prepared a lesson about relating an LDS mission to our mission on life and the Plan of Salvation. When we got into the lesson lookpuu immediately was telling us he is really sad because his daughter didn't email this week and they miss her a lot and he doesn't understand. We then related this to the plan and how Heavenly Father misses communication from him and that He wants to hear from him. We shared how through earnest and sincere prayer he can talk to his Heavenly Father. All these experiences help me realize we are not alone, but that we have help from our Heavenly Father always. I've been memorizing a scripture a week and this week's really fits this concept. In Alma, it says, "Yea, I know I am nothing, as to my strength, I am weak. Therefore, I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things" I think this applies very well. I'm just a tool for the Lord. Doing His work but it's His preparation and the Spirit of the Lord that changes people. It has been really humbling this week. I love life. I love my Heavenly Father. And I love this work. 

Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

Momma, it's a miraculous thing how the Lord blesses his servants. I can walk perfectly fine and can already lightly jog. I'm fit to do the Lord's work (: Don't worry about it. And hey that letter was mostly about you and for you (: I love you mom

 I love you too Dad, i can't wait to bear my testimony to you in Khmer

Spencer is doing great.  Might leave a week early to head to Cambodia.  I will keep you posted.

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