Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I received a surprise phone call

So yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Spencer.  He has been having alot of GI issues.  I've joked with him about it.  But he has had a couple episodes of back pain that took him out of commission so they did some blood work and his blood count is a little low.  The medical person in me wanted all the details, Penny uhmmm... I dont know its kinda low.  So Friday he is having a colonoscopy.  (Try explaining that to your 19 year old...yah).  So were asking for prayers and fasting.  Penny spoke entire conversations in Khmer to me, they want to fast track him out to Cambodia since the language has gone so well.  He wants to stay with his group of 5.  We will see what happens. I put his name at the temple. HAPPY THOUGHT!!!

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