Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letter Home...Elder Nhem sounds so happy

Hey fam bam,

Hey so I just gotta share with you guys, READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! You never realize how awesome something is until you try it. Like this Christmas break I challenged Myk to read the whole Book of Mormon and I'm extending that to all of you.  It will change your life, I promise.  I read at least an hour a day. Today I only got through 10 chapters of Alma but I got so much out of them.  Like every question I've been having lately was answered today.  All I did was pray to find answers and BOOM!  Revelation :) so yeah, I'm telling you right now the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is written for each one of you individually.  You have to truly ponder what you read and also seek answers you have to want.  You have to have a desire!  I promise as you seek with faith, your Heavenly Father will answer you and guide you.  Rach and Liz I got your letters today thank you so much!  It was a nice boost and I had an amazing day :) I love you both so much.  More than I've ever expressed and I'm sorry for that.  Just know you are my best friends :)  Mom I miss you, thanks for everything!  I HATE LAUNDRY so much btw haha!  I love you!  And Dad I truly regret not learning more, thanks for your patience and support for everything though, I love you!  Stay Strong guys, I love you all!!

Love Elder Nhem
*He then wrote quite a bit in Khmer

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