Monday, December 9, 2013



So what's up at home?!?! I see yal are having fun without me there hahaha lucky lucky (: This week was good, but especially Sunday. So the Cantos left and the Thais are next week and I'm really sad. :/ Elder Arne is such a good friend to me. Like he is Mufasa and he calls me Simba (: I'm part of his lion's den. It'll be hard next week when he leaves. He is half-thai going to Thailand, so we are pretty similar (: But yeah anyway they all sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again in their languages... messed up. I got so sad but also happy because I love them all so much and I know they are going to different parts of the world to serve different people but they are all children of our Heavenly Father and it is all God's work. I know they will be great missionaries. The Spirit was so strong when they sang that but all the sister missionaries were singing in front of me so I couldn't cry, I'd look like such a woosy so I just held them in until this morning. Elder Koochin and Elder Phung left for Hong Kong at 3 this morning and it was really hard to say goodbye. They are like brothers to me at this point. The whole 9 week language deal is really hard because you form really strong bonds with all the Southeast Asian districts in our zone. It's pretty intense. What really hit me this week though was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional yesterday evening. It was soo soooo sooooo good. But what hit me most was Russel M. Nelson's talk. He shared how Christ is central to mankind and truly is the Prince of Peace. He showed various clips and photos and painting of the Savior that depicted his life on Earth and I could just see and feel his love. Especially for the children and I know he has that same love for all of us. I know how much Christ has done for me and He has everything to do with me. I thank Him daily, many many times. I know through Him we can all find true, lasting, happiness. Lastly I want to tell you to READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. It is the keystone of our religion and I know that without a doubt now. I read it for hours everyday during my personal study time and I have a true love for the scriptures now. I know they are the word of God. I read them everyday and every single time I read them I find an answer to my prayers. It has completely changed my life forever. Especially when you pray beforehand for personal revelation and God to help us understand the scriptures and how they apply to us. I like to keep in mind when I read how much struggle Joseph Smith made to translate the very page I'm reading and I really feel that much more meaning when I read. I love you all. I hope all is well at home. Take care of each other and give during this Christmas Season. Actually take away mas and make it Christ's season. I love you all. Happy Holidays. Stay strong.

-Elder Nhem
This was the Festival of the Nativity 2013. AWESOME!
Yes! Penny we are having fun without you ;)


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