Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Lots of pictures and emails to Dad & Mom

Awh thanks Dad,
        I really needed to hear that! I love you so much! Just know I'm doing great and when I call the day I fly out to Cambodia I'll speak to you in Khmer (: I wish I had learned more though haha I got a nice head start just knowing the alphabet! My teacher might call you he wants to speak to you and stuff

Love, Elder Nhem

Hey mom,
        It is p-day so yeah I'll be back on in the afternoon if you get a chance to reply! But yeah I'm amazing here! Everything is just happy and fun and yeah! Elder Vera is doing a lot better and says thank you (: There like 3000 something missionaries here! And please please please watch that movie with Myk and the fam this week it's soooo amazing (: But yeah Elder Ballard couldn't make it to last night's devotional because the weather is so bad! I'll attach some photos after this email (: But uhm yeah we get like an apostle every week since it's Christmas month (: Uhm but yeah speaking of Christmas you can send lots of little goodies but please some little nerf guns would be sweet for the guys but what I really want is a nice harmonica please please please :D Like I'll use it in Cambodia and stuff like please (: That's all I need and I'll be happy ahhaa! Well I love you Mom, Dad, Rach, and Liz! Stay strong, keep praying and reading (:
-Elder Nhem

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