Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mail man came bearing me a gift

 (I got my very own letter today I feel special)

Dear Mama,

Thanks so much for the package of goodies.  The zone is going to have a chip and dip party tomorrow for thanksgiving at night before bed.  Today was good I really refocused my efforts and I saw my district  was slowing down in our progress so I called a meeting together and we made goals and I think we will be alot more successful.  MOM i really really miss your cooking!!  This food gives me bad stomach problems.  My nickname is Dynhemite :( cause I just ...uhm....blow things up.  

Anyways I love you!! I'm having the time of my life.  Don't worry or miss me too much! I love you mama and hope your day is amazing.

Elder Nhem

PS. Send golden mountain :)

(I don't usually post my own pictures BUT... in honor of my boy that I'm missing, here is one of my favorites. We have too much food around here. I miss both my boys :( Seriously I threw out chocolate milk this week.  FYI golden mountain is good soy sauce.)

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