Monday, December 2, 2013


Elder Phnom Penny sounds AWESOME!!

 So Thanksgiving was easily the best one I have ever had (sorry to my family) We started the day off with a devotional where Elder Russel M. Nelson spoke to us and it was really neat I was in the second row somehow! Then we had thanksgiving lunch with turkey, stuffing, rolls, potatoes, and my favorite, pumpkin pie (: Then we had some more devotionals which were awesome! You know, the spirit was super strong and what not! Then we did a huge huge huge service project, the biggest the church has ever done except natural disaster recovery! We made meals for 350,000 people!!! Then what surprised me is Sister Nally (the MTC President's wife) made a huge thanksgiving program with costumes and what not! Then we watched Ephraim's Rescue which I highly recommend to all to watch this holiday season! It really inspired me to be a better missionary and person (: The MTC staff surprised us when we left from the movie because the MTC campus was alight with Christmas glory (: It was amazing and the Spirit from the movie and the lights and the love of the presidency for us was sooooo strong! Then last night (Sunday) was the most spiritual day I've ever had in my life. It was fast Sunday and I fasted for some answers and for the Spirit to be strong and man oh man did God answer my fast! Some highlights were the morning devotional where Sister Nally shared her idea of Christmas and how we received the greatest of gifts ever from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I challenge all you who read this to make this Christmas different than any ever! Focus on giving, not receiving. Focus on serving and loving others and I promise you it'll be one of your best Christmas's ever! Charity and love is the best gift you could and can ever give. I want you to all know that your Savior loves you. He went through the greatest of sacrifices for you. I want you to know I love my Savior. He is my best friend and the biggest motivation in my life. I'm on my mission because it's the least I can do for him. He gave his all for us and we owe it to him to serve our fellow man. Remember that during this Christmas season! I love you all, I'm doing a great work and there's no other place I'd rather be (:
Oh and we watched The Testaments, you all need to watch it and realize the truth and power of the Book of Mormon (:

-Elder Nhem

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