Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Letters from Elder Penny

We picked up Mykhala for church and she surprised me with two more letters from Penny ;)

First letter: Dearest Family,

It's a day of thanksgiving! Please read D&C 78:19 I want to thank all of you!

To Rachel for always being my pal.  Getting stuff around the house and giving me back massages.  For playing games with me.  It means so much. I love you!

To Eliza for being so strong.  I know I don't show it but you inspire me.  To live with such strength even with diabetes is incredible!  Thank you!  I love you!

To Mykhala for being my best friend.  For being by my side through thick and thin.  For loving me unconditionally.  For always listening and being there to comfort and support me. Always remember, worth the wait :)

To Mama, for being perfect. For doing every little thing for me.  The laundry, cooking, ironing, cleaning, working, and every other little thing.  For loving me when I was being a so-called "Turd" :)
I love you Mom!

To Papi, for being the best dad ever.  For teaching me to do what's right always.  For being my motivation to learn this language and serve the Khmer people.  I love you!

But I mostly thank my Heavenly Father.  For blessing me with all of you.  For providing us with a plan of happiness.  For giving us all we have.  For providing a means for salvation.  I thank his son Jesus Christ for his sacrifice.  I hope you all pray for thanks for all your blessings.

Elder Nhem

Second Letter:

All is well here in Utah!  Sunday in the MTC is WOW... the beginning of the day was full of leadership meetings and branch council so that part was a little slow but we had a fantastic priesthood meeting on Alma 24.  I challenge you all to read it and please write back to me what it means to you.  Then I'll share back :)  Sacrament meeting was a tad slow haha and the branch president was dozing off on the stand.  We have a strong branch of 20!!  Then during study time after dinner Elder Vera, Elder Gardiner, and I had an amazing chat and shared alot of testimonies together in our classroom.  The spirit was strong in the room!  Like woah!!  Then we had an amazing devotional.  The speaker was funny and warm.  After the speaker all the current missionaries sang together.  I have never felt the spirit so strong in all my life.  God was listening and was very pleased with us all for committing our lives to him.  I could feel his joy in his army of light.  I felt his love.  He loves you all as well.  I love you guys all so much.

Love Elder Nhem

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