Sunday, December 1, 2013


Saturday 11/30 /14 Letter Home:

Elder Nhem ran into Sister Joanna Simmons
(Sister Simmons is from our home stake)

Dear Mom and Family, 
I got my package and thank you so much.   I want you to know I'm good here. I got my wallet back.  My companion is Elder Vera.  He's my Big Bear.  He's a hispanic Jersey boy and he snores like a bear. Like I seriously get no sleep.  The dragons roar is unbearable.  But I love the guy regardless of his quirks.  Uhm I really connect with my district though and especially Elder Gardner (see photo above).  He's my best friend here for sure.  We moved our bunks together so we can chat and connect.  He's like a white version of me!  Like we both mumble and talk lazy and play hoops on p-days.  And we are going to hope and pray we are companions in the field ;) The spirit here is amazing.  Always present when we are obedient.  We get 2 devotionals with general authorities a week for crying out loud!  One of the apostles is most likely coming for Christmas.  They already got lights up for us.  It's so COLD here though and my lips are so chapped I hate Utah.  I'm going to BYU Hawaii I decided.  My life has completely changed already.  I view life and my purpose so much differently.  Right now my life is devoted to serving and ministering to the children of God.  Bringing as many souls unto Christ as I possibly can.  My purpose is to truly convert souls unto Christ and creating deep-routed testimonies of Christ in those we teach.  It's not about the relationship I build with people, it's about the relationship they build with  their Heavenly Father.  I'm just like the Lord's helper and mouthpiece.  I love you all, know all is well.  Please send DearElders often, they really help me.
Love Elder Nhem
(He then wrote in Khmer for his Dad, it was way awesome)
FYI: So DearElder is a free web site you type a letter and it is printed out and placed in his mailbox daily.  Write before noon on any given day and its delivered the next day or same day if before noon.  Here's his info.
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem
2007 N 900 E Unit 81
Provo, UT  84602 


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