Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday is Email Day

Btw feel free to send a couple dear elders through out the week, those come really quickly and it's a great feeling to get mail (: Hahahaha, I know how to say prayers in Khmer, actually that's all we are allowed to do now, I can bear a pretty good testimony now, I can invite our investigators here to read scriptures, to pray, to go to church, and right now learning how to invite people unto baptism. My whole perspective as a missionary has changed drastically. I know what my purpose is now. I wrote to you guys what it is so you just have to wait (: I will continue writing almost everyday or just about because I have so much to say. Also, keep everything I write please I wanna see my change over the 2 years. Mailing will be a lot harder in Cambodia though I guess so get it while you can haha. The Cambodians right now are the 5 of us that came in last Wednesday. My whole district and we all go together in January. There is like 50 something missionaries in Cambodia so yeah... I really love my district though. We have a bond that I can't explain. We struggle through Khmer class together and just do everything together. I kind of have like a 5-man companionship almost. And it's kind of fun being the leader and having jurisdiction. You would be proud of me. I keep them all in check making sure we are doing the right things and being obedient. I get to go to branch council 2 days a week and just discuss how everything is going in my district. Uhmmmm what else.. OH so Thanksgiving morning there is going to be a really good devotional and I'm so excited. Last night we had an amazing devotional with Elder Tae of the Seventy. The talk really inspired me and told me that Cambodian is where the Lord wants me and I'm really lucky that he answered my prayers and sent me where I wanted. I know without a doubt I'm going to do amazing things there. I'll just share one quick experience this week that really touched my heart. So Elder Vera, Sister Fife (the 6th Cambo, but she's a sister), and I were heading in to teach Robert, our Khmer investigator. We were so excited because we had a solid lesson plan. We get in there and Elder had left his whole plan in the other room so we were sitting there terrified and lost stuttering. Next thing you know the Spirit over took me and just guided me exactly what to say. I drew a picture of Heavenly Father on the board because he was asking why Heavenly Father is his father if he already has a dad. So I drew his parents and then an earth and I would say your parents then I would point to the Earth. Then I would say Heavenly Father is our "ovpuk" or father then "sua" which means Heavenly being. And other words came to me that I didn't even know I knew. The Lord really blessed me with the Gift of Tongues and by the end Robert really understood that Heavenly Father is the father of us all. He understands Christ is his Son and came to save the world from sin. I really look forward to teaching him more. Tonight we are going to offer him a Book of Mormon and if the Spirit guides me to do so I'm going to invite him to follow Christ's example as set in 2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 11. It all depends on the guidance of the Spirit. After the lesson Elder Vera had a really hard time though and was really sad because he messed up on the lesson. But I think it was supposed to happen. I got to see that the Lord doesn't abandon us but does as He says he will in D&C 100:6. He gave me the words to say at the exact moment I needed them the most. Elder Vera has been really sad because no one has been writing him so I'm going to surprise him today. I got all the Elders to write him a quick letter and I'm going to slip it in our mail box when I go get mail (: The last line of my letter says, "don't you dare say your family hasn't written yet because I just wrote you" hahaha (: I love being there for my district. Well.... all is well. I love the MTC, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I love my Heavenly Father for all my blessings. Talk to you next week, or maybe later today if you reply soon enough. Love you Mom. Love you Rach and Liz. Love you Dad.
-Elder Nhem.

 Cool little fact look up Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission, House  2 Street 222  Sangkat Boeng Rang, Khan Daun Penh  Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA on google earth and see where ya boy is going (:

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