Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letters Home:

To my family...
I want to share with you all my growth.  My testimony has doubled since even yesterday.  Everyday my love for people grows tremendously!  My district is my new family.  We do everything together.  My zone is really awesome.  Everyone is like a little asian and we have a Southeast Asian unity.  I really admire my zone leader, he's half Thai an amazing Elder who reminds me of myself and I look up to him tremendously.   Him (Elder Arne) and Elder Koochin are really awesome but they are 6 weeks in so I'm going to miss them in 3 weeks :(  They really inspire me and I can't wait to be at that level in the language in 6 weeks.  Dad would be so proud of me.  I lead the Cambodian class and do really well.  I guess I'm a natural.  Well got to go to bed!  Exact obedience brings miracles.  I love you all.  Stay strong in the faith.

                                       Elder Nhem aka Phnom Penny
                                       Love you guys!

Elder Nhem was made District Leader by his 
Branch President this week.

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