Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Hey mom, I just am sending my I love you. I am going to send my  big emails on Mondays because we have a lot of free time on Mondays and yeah (: Well maybe idk yet the schedules for the sealz is weird so yeah. But you sounded so good yesterday it really made me happy. I'm not to worried about Friday it'll be chill I got Elder Gardiner and Vera with me so I'll be fine! But yeah so Elder Arne and I have been getting really close because since the Cantos left he's been with Vera and I and we had a really good conversation last night. Elder Arne is me but Thai if that makes sense. His mom fled Thailand and came to America and married a white guy. It reminds me of you and dad. Then he was born September 17, 1994.... yes yes 1 day ahead. Then we started talking and he lives in a town just like U.P. in Oregon and like we have the whole same life experiences and he has a girl back home and like idk he's half-thai and I'm half Cambo and it was just nice to really relate to somebody. Especially because yesterday was really hard. We watched some episodes of "The District" and they were amazing. Like I felt the Spirit probably the strongest since I've been here just watching those videos of people being taught the Gospel and like being baptized. One hit me really hard. It was a girl just like Mykhala and watching her go under the waters of Baptism just made want that for her so much. I understand just how crucial baptism is to God's plan now. I see it with renewed clarity and I know it is the only way.  I love you so much mom and I know I have your support in everything.  You build her testimony and teach her about Christ. I guarantee as you do so you will find more happiness in her life and yours. I know you have such a strong testimony. SHARE IT. help hers grow daily and then yours will too mom (: I was thinking you guys can do a like book club on the Book of Mormon. hahahahha have Hot chocolate on the sundays and talk about your weekly revelation though the Book of Mormon. Well, I love you so much mom. Send my regards to Dad and tell him I'm so excited to speak to him in Khmer and i'm happy my teachers got to call him and find out my name (: Tell the girls I love them and to keep strong in everything they do (: I want you to know my testimony grows daily at a tremendous rate. Know that Christ is our Savior and through Him we can and will find true and everlasting happiness. Remember Him this Christmas season and celebrate His life. It is the central and most meaningful event in the history of mankind. Have a good week, I'll send some pictures later today I forgot my sim card, I'll be back on later so feel free to reply. 

Elder Nhem

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