Monday, December 16, 2013


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So man, this week was quite blur. When they say that every week feels like a day and every day feels like a week, they weren't kidding. It's already almost been a month and it feels like I just got here. The learning is coming along so nicely, I can carry a pretty nice conversation in Khmer.... if it has to do with the Gospel haha. When I get to call my dad before we head out I'm only going to bear my testimony in Khmer because yeah, only not gospel related things I can say are to ask for food and... yeah that's it. Food is my fav so it's cool though (; But yeah so this week was a little weird, I had to get some stuff checked out so I had to go to the surgery center here on Friday and btw everything is okay but yeah it was so funny! They put me out mid conversation and next thing I know I'm awaken by my branch president and I for sure thought I was dead!! It was sooooo confusing I found out he works at the hospital as a surgeon and was there for the day but to complicate it his twin brother, also a branch president at the MTC is a surgeon there too.... man I'm just glad I didn't die hahahaha! Also a very dear friend to me just left this morning. Elder Arne, our zone leader, whom I call Mufasa and he calls me Simba, left for Thailand at 4 this morning. It was a rough rough walk this morning :/ He's going to do great things over there, he's a half-thai and just a stud. But what was special is I got to give my first priesthood blessings to him. It was a very special and dear experience. Once I started the blessing I disappeared and the Lord spoke through me. I know that Heavenly Father was speaking to Elder Arne, He was just using me as His mouthpiece. It was such a honor to serve my Father in Heaven and to help someone so close to me. It was a very spiritual experience and really strengthened my testimony and deepened my faith in my Savior. It made me realize the power in my calling. I have been set apart as the Lord's servant just like the sons of Alma in the Book of Mormon. I have that same power, that same Gospel, I just need to have the faith and the Lord will deliver. The whole experience just opened my eyes and has helped me a lot. Well, I hope all is well at home. I love you all and have you all in my prayers! 

Love, Elder Nhem
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