Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Elder Nhem's Christmas Miracle

Hey hey hey, so if some of you didn't know, I'm a very, very, very clumsy person hahaha :D And likewise this week I busted up my ankle pretty nice. Like the whole foot was purple and bruised, and everything was like a giant pumpkin all puffy and just lovely right? Even my little piggys were swollen, I was freaking out! I knew I had done a number on it! That night my Branch President came by our room and checked it out and said for sure it was broken... I was sad. I thought for sure I'd have to be delayed and I was feeling terrible about myself. But then my amazing companion and best friend Elder Gardiner asked if I wanted a blessing. I knew that blessings can do miraculous things so I quickly accepted. It was so inspiring to see 8 young man change out of their comfortable pajamas and get dressed to do the work of the Lord. When they all gathered around me I knew Heavenly Father would take care of me. The prayer and blessing Elder Gardiner gave me changed my life forever. If you ask anyone in that room, Elder Gardiner disappeared and the Lord was speaking to me. Like the language used was just so formal and elegant and amazing, like no offense to Elder Gardiner but he just doesn't talk like that. So I knew it was someone else speaking, I knew it was through God's divine power I was given that blessing. It was so comforting and I was promised I would be healed according to my faith. So I did exactly that. I went to get my x-ray the next day and despite what everyone said it isn't broken. I strongly feel that it really was, and that through the blessing it was healed. But I know the Lord loves to test me and just make me stronger so he didn't heal all of it, I still have a gnarly sprain but hey, "beggers can't be choosers" (something like that (: ) But yeah, the doctor also told me I'd be out for 3-4 weeks and not walking on it for about a week and a half, but you know me and know I don't like being held back so I ended up being able to walk that day (: I know this is because my Savior loves me and I'm doing His work. I want you all to remember that faith is everything. It drives us to change. To serve our Lord. To do things we never thought possible and even to work miracles in Christ's name. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know He loves us with all His soul and we can do all things through Him. I love Him that much. I love everything about life right now. Even the painful parts. It's awesome to be a missionary.
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

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