Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 7 at the Provo MTC

Email Home:

Hey mom, I got bad news... your clumsy boy hurt himself again...... I was balling with my boy Gardiner and Little and yeah just landed on it wrong and I have to get an X-Ray in a little bit so I'll keep you updated... probably will call you, I'm sorry I didn't mean to get hurt like it's a kinda of freak thing but I know it's all part of my Heavenly Father's plan. He is just putting me through the refiner's fire and last week Elder Vera had to go home to settle some things he didn't take care of so yeah please keep him in your prayers. On the plus side of things though Mom, Christmas was pretty decent we got to hear from Elder Bednar and man is that guy amazing! I got to sit in the 2nd row and I could just feel his power and spirit it was incredible. And also my new companion is my best friend Elder Gardiner, like man it's amazing! We just click and it's the best. Also this week I finished the Book of Mormon and I've seen the blessings already. Besides the fact that my testimony has like quadrupled haha but I can learn the language soooooooo much better now! I cannot wait to talk to Dad in Khmer and lookyiay and lookpuu (: But hey don't worry about me too much, the Lord is taking care of His servants and I have all my trust in Him (:
I love you so much Mom,
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

ME:  Are you talking ankle?  Swollen? Come on I need details ;)
PENNY:  Ankle, swollen, purple, whole foot is fat and discolored and my branch president who is a huge surgeon over here thinks it's broken and said he'll do the surgery if I need one so I don't have to come home... we will see mom I don't know :O

PENNY:   I'll be back on in a bit I'm going to get the X-Ray now (: Foreal don't worry I'm in the Lord's care, just pray for me and it'll be fine. (: I trust my Heavenly Father and His plan for me, you need to too.

PENNY:  Hey good news, it's just a really bad sprain and I'll be back in business in a couple of weeks (: Just keeping you posted! thanks (:
Elder Spencer Nhem

 *We did not receive a phone call on Christmas since Elder Nhem is still in the MTC.  He will get to call January 28th when he flies out to Cambodia.


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