Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 23 A Week To Remember

Well my missionary is sick again.  He has a mosquito contracted fever for 6 days.  High fevers.  He just had a blessing and has some ibuprophen and tylenol.  He has spoke with Sister Moon.  So lets stay positive :) He is done with his training and has a new Khmer companion Elder Mok.  He will be moving Friday 7 hours out of the city to Siam Riep, the home of Angkor Wat. It's good bye to Elder Cannon who remembered my missionary today with an Easter basket what an awesome companion.

This week has been intense, after P-day last week we went to the village to visit a little boy who we heard was very sick. When we saw him I was so scared for him, I thought it may be his time to return to his Father in heaven and that was a very hard concept for me. But then something happened that change my look on everything. And that is faith. His mother asked for a blessing and when we returned to the village the next day, little Somnang was walking around again. Now he seems fine and that just showed me the power of priesthood and faith. And it is amazing to me and such a privilege to hold the rights to that priesthood. Such a blessing. Now for the next couple days it was the New Year. And not many people would meet so we did what we could, and joined them! (: I really love Khmer music, it is so happy and loud and now I really know how to dance Khmer style. Then when the New Year ended we worked harder and found some lost members and did work finding them. We got some nice lessons in with people though. Something else that had a profound impact on me this week is the casting out of devils. This neak ming we teach has been hitting herself and going crazy and we had to give her a blessing and immediately she just starting crying and being herself. It was such an intense experience for me. I thought that only happens in the Bible but over here in Cambodia there is a lot of that old magic stuff so I guess it's not that uncommon to run into sometimes. It was just a little scary though! Then all week we prepared for a huge Easter celebration! The first one the church has ever held in Cambodia actually! We had a really nice Sunrise Devotional on the Savior at 5:30 in the morning, then we had a huge breakfast and the music got cranked up, everyone went inside to learn more about Easter and what it represents as the Elders hid 500 eggs around the church and seeing over a 100 Khmers sprinting for eggs was a sight to see :D Then after finding the eggs we had lots of games and some facepainting that may have gotten a little wild :P It was a blast though, but then my week turned hard really fast. I found out the whole village has to move out by next week. The owner of the land is kicking them out. So I have no idea what to do. How to say in touch with them or if the branch will have enough people once they all move to carry on. But I'm just praying for them and know the Lord will protect them. Then the last couple days I've been really sick, high fevers and stomach problems which I mean it's just trials to help me grow except yesterday, clutzy me got into my first moto accident and wow did I go flying! I'm just glad I have the Lord watching over me and that I was seriously hurt, just a couple scrapes. But besides the end of the week, such a life-changing week. Saw miracles. Did work. Had some fun. And love the people even more. But sadly my time here in Steung Mian Cey is over. I'm heading up to Siem Riep and am serving around the Ankgor Wat, a wonder of the world! It is a lot of hours north of Phnom Penh so that'll be a fun adventure on Friday :P My new companion is my first Khmer companion, Elder Mok. I hope to learn so much from him and I know we will do work up there! That is all for me this week though, another amazing week here in Cambodia. Just gotta keep up the hard work! (:
Elder Spencer Paul Nhem 

What a sight it must have been to see them looking for 500 eggs.  I love the pictures of the First Easter Celebration in Cambodia.

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