Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 17...Can it get much HOTTER??

This weeks email home was AMAZING!! 
 All is well in Cambodia


AwhHey Mom,
So yes yes yes! We had the baptism yesterday!! (: It was honestly such a sweet experience Mom, you have no idea (: Literally I sat there and realized this girl is following her Savior's example and opened the gate to eternal salvation. That is amazing. Hearing her share her testimony afterwords was great too! And I'm great, a full week of perfect health! I think I'm finally finally adjusting. And just so you know I'm admitting it right now. I miss you tons. The cooking and help with everything and just the Sunday hymns while you make breakfast and even your yelling at me to get off the computer. I miss it all so much :P It's weird how that works.  Have a great week too and know I pray for you guys often! I love you Mom!
Hey Dad! 
I really really really wish you had taught me Khmer as a child, that is all I have to say about that hahaha :D But this week was just as amazing as ever, I mean hard as missionary work is, it's pretty fun too (:
Yeah it's hard to type and write in English now it really scares me sometimes :P But hey i have dreams in very broken Khmer so that is cool.Of course Dad! I love writing it all down so I never ever forget! (: This work is so satisfying dad! I mean it is the hardest thing of my life but also makes me the happiest helping change lives.
Hello everyone,

Serious.. Cambodia is the hottest place ever I swear I shower to get the sweat and dirt off me and then it flys back on.. It's ridiculous, and if only my Mom could see my shirts and how filthy they are, haha :D But yeah so okay, last week after email I went shopping for the rest of my P-day and man does Cambodia have some sweet stuff, the culture and rich history is just amazing! Then we headed to my favorite village Preak Toal (: We taught two of our investigators and visited some members and recent converts to end our day. Tuesday we got the privilege to go to Zone Conference with President Moon and Elder Funk of the Seventy was there and helped train us. It was a great training and helped me realize this Gospel is simple and needs to be taught as such. The Atonement is so enticing and I really do need to share it with as many people as possible because it can bring so much happiness to people. And then of course President Moon picked a handful of missionaries to share their testimonies and I got to be one of those very few.. Hahah but it was a great experience to share my testimony in English again (: But afterwords I got to have a delicacy.. aka a HUGE bowl of icecream! (: It was sooooooooo dang good you have no idea! Well you do because you're in America but... still mmmm <3 But this week I realized how much a hand the Lord is playing in His work and how without Him it just wouldn't work. The first was from Ming Jan. She told us her friend liked hearing about Ming Jan's church and wanted to hear about it for herself so she led us to her house and we climbed up the ladder to this little room and taught her very simple about the Restoration and she loved it all. Invited us back and is now learning with us (: Then our investigator Puu Sokjeak met with us again and came to church two weeks in a row. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he asked how he can receive eternal life and we invited him to be baptism so he can and he gladly accepted the offer. Now this is what is really cool, that man has faith. He crashed his moto the other day and could barely walk but he had his son take him and his daughter to church and I saw him limping around to all the meetings yesterday and it showed the strength of faith. I know as we continue to teach him the Lord will prepare him for this path in life. And then yesterday.. Man what an amazing Sunday! I mean don't get me wrong I still have raging headaches trying to listen to an hour of sacrament meeting in Khmer but hey, it is what it is. But after sacrament and after teaching and helping in primary we had a baptism. My first one in Cambodia actually. Now the person we baptized, Alene, is full of surprises. We were teaching her mom weeks ago and I remember we asked her a question and her daughter out of nowhere sits down and answers the question and decides she wants to learn. I was like okay sweet, another person to teach. Now some weeks later this girl is prepared and ready to commit her life to following Christ's example, keeping God's commandments, and serving those around her through love and example. It really showed me the power of faith and then after the baptism she comes out and bears her testimony to close the meeting. It was very sweet hearing her bear her testimony on baptism and the Gospel and how happy she felt and feels now. Later last night was just another simple miracle in my eyes. We ate a snack after church and Alene's baptism then headed to Preak Toal with an appointment that fell through so we were like what should we do. Then we remembered at the addiction class we had earlier that week we saw 2 faces we didn't recognize so we asked Ohm Saruen who is an amazing member if she knew them and led us to the neak ming's house. We visited for a second and then they invited us in. We went in and taught them about our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us. How he wants to communicate with us and misses us. We expressed our love for Him and shared how through prayer we can communicate with Him at all times. As we were teaching this principle of prayer her 17 year daughter said she wanted to share something and shared a very sweet testimony and experience of hers about prayer. With tears in her eyes and a room full of the Spirit she shared how she tried to pray and when she did she felt her Heavenly Father's love for her and how she had never felt happier. I know the Lord prepares people for this Gospel and I'm so grateful the Heavenly Father accepts me efforts and trusts me to find those children of His that He prepares. It is the greatest honor. This week has just been one of those rewarding weeks. This work is amazing. Every second I live here my love for the country and God's children here grows. I love serving here at home, it's the best. I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father and I love my Savior. This is their eternal work. I'm so grateful to be a part of it. 

Elder Spencer Paul Nhem

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